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Welcome to the Real Mike Rob Brand!

What is up beautiful people!! I am Michael Robinson (Real Mike Rob) and I'm excited to have you stop by my website and read this first blog. Many may know me from my time as the quarterback at Penn State from 2001 through to 2005...WHOA! WOW! Writing that makes me sound super old!! LOL. Or my time in the National Football League with the San Francisco 49ers (2006-2010) and the Seattle Seahawks (2010-2014), where we won Super Bowl 48. Still, others may know me only from my current broadcasting career which includes NFL Network and NBC Sports along with countless radio shows and podcasts (Cohost NFL Explained Podcast). Point I'm trying to make is, there is a reason you are here!! My goal is to teach each and every one of you everything about the game of football I know! To truly make you a FOOTBALL EXPERT! I believe FOOTBALL is a microcosm for life and real world situations so we will also be using the game of FOOTBALL to discuss and process big topics and current events that go on in the world. I also really want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone that has always shown love to me throughout my playing career as well as my current media role. Stay tuned! A whole lot more to come!

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