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The Real Mike Rob Report Re-Release Wk9 2011

What is up People!! Love you! If no one tells you today that they love you, Real Mike Rob love you! LOL. Anyway, welcome to another Re-Release episode of the Real Mike Rob Report. This particular episode is amazing because it was the first time that I introduced the wildly popular, John Moffitt, to Seahawk Nation. Now for people who do not know, Moffitt was a 3rd round pick out of Wisconsin in the 2011 draft. Moffitt was always one of my favorite teammates because Coach Tom Cable would always get on him (because that was Tom's love language! lol. Just being brutally honest about your play!) and I always felt like Moffitt's face would always say what he was thinking in the moment he was getting his a$$ chewed out! Lol. For example, if Tom was getting at him for missing the mike point of the quarterback, Moffitt's face would be looking so confused like bro, I got my damn head down in a 3 point stance, how the hell am I supposed to see the damn Mike point from the QB! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. All my former Olinemen and QBs out there know what I am talking about! Anyway, Moffitt is introduced along with Beast Mode continuing to deny whatever I ask him to do. I also turned the camera on our beat writers and media that followed us closely and asked them about their "reporting" tactics! Lol. They all look so young lol. Let me know if you recognize any of them!

I love that 2011 season because we had just figured out and understood as a team that Pete's Compete Everyday mantra was legit as we went to the playoffs in 2010 with a 7-9 record in a "competitive" NFC West and 2011 was a season to find ourselves as a team. It was the year before Russell Wilson arrived and our defense was building a bully on the other side of the ball. The 2011 season provided some of the TOUGHEST practices of my life! Because the Legion Of Boom was young, nasty and hungry. I knew we would be successful because the locker room allowed for every personality to be themselves. The Real Mike Rob Report was there to capture it all. Enjoy.

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