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Real Rob Report Re-Release! Seahawks Bye Week 2011

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

What it do Real Mike Rob Report Fans! Love you to LIFE! I have been re-releasing my old Real Rob Report Videos from my old Seattle Seahawks team and teammates! Above is the latest re-release of our Bye Week video from the 2011 season. Now check this out, we were 2-3 at the time and just came off a win in New York where we beat the Giants 36-25 and we had an early week 6 bye week (we were running speed ball offensively! That is entirely different blog smh). I'm glad we won the game because I had a fumble inside the 10 yard line and if we had lost the game because of that fumble, the bye week would have been filled with me doing fumble drills at the VMAC (the indoor facility for the Seahawks)! I ran into my own guard, John Moffitt, on a short yardage play and my last thought was, "Mike Rob, you better not fumble chump!" And of course, the ball popped out! SMH. Lol. Well this video was shot in the locker room following that game. Shout out to Brandon Browner and Tarvaris Jackson. BB! Keep your head up and keep pushing! T Jack! Rest in Paradise brother. Enjoy. Like and subscribe to my Real Mike Rob Report Youtube Channel as well as this website for all my official updates.

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