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With Rodgers, The Jets Offense Can Legitimately Ask, "How Do You Want It?"

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

As of the writing of this blog, the Green Bay Packers and the Jets are still trying to hammer out compensation that would send Aaron Rodgers, the face of the Packers for over 15 years, to New York. There are those out there that doubt that Aaron Rodgers can still play. I am not one of those people. Though I have been critical of Aaron Rodgers in the past, I have never been critical of his ability to spin that pill! Rodgers still can win more games than lose in this league just off of his talent in throwing the football. Rodgers WILL BE 40 in December of this year so his best days, athletically, are behind him but it doesn't mean he cannot engineer a comeback or lead a bunch of young, hungry and talented players!

Now I do have my reservations about this potential deal (if it happens, because its not a deal yet!). That concern revolves around whether or not A Rod will show up to off season workouts and spend the necessary time that is needed to build the championship culture and chemistry. I mentioned he is turning 40 at the end of the year and do you know what that means?? He IS getting older YES but because he's been the face of the Packer franchise for over 15 years, he has amassed a lot of money!! Which is a good thing! But, as I have said in the past, it gets tough to come to work every day and deal with the grind of football when you have generational money in your bank account. Especially when you have been playing at such a high level for so long and have other interest outside of football. The silver lining in it all has to be the 1 championship appearance and only 1 championship. Yes. Only one championship for the great Aaron Rodgers. I truly believe that is why he is still playing. See Rodgers cannot enter the conversation of Brady, Manning, Joe Montana, Aikman, Big Ben or the likes of Mahomes because these guys have multiple championships. I am sure I'm leaving out a few more but the point is clear, to be in the upper room of quarterbacking, you have to be able to elevate your team to a level of sustained and elevated success or break every passing record like Marino and Brees. Right now I would say Rodgers legacy centers around being Super talented and being a great regular season quarterback (12-10 playoff record and 1-4 in Conference Championships). Nothing wrong with it and YES, there are a crazy amount of reasons as to why and how teams make it to the Super Bowl. But the great ones find a way. You would think the Jets did their homework and asked Rodgers if he would be around for off season workouts. I also have to believe Rodgers understands this narrative about his legacy and career. If the offense can spend quality time together on the field and off, this offense can be legit!

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