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Updated: Mar 12

The 2023 combine running backs looked FAST and VERSATILE in Indianapolis as these runners showed off their skills for NFL talent evaluators. As a football EXPERT and former running back in the National Football League, the RB position is very intriguing to me. On one hand, the position is being very much de-valued, financially, due to the beating running backs take and most backs tend to lose their explosiveness the older they get. I believe runners need their own version of a Collective Bargaining Agreement due to the nature of the position. The RB position is the only position where when we get the football, 7 yards deep behind the line of scrimmage, ALL 11 DEFENDERS are assaulting the line of scrimmage to stop the play. No other position is like this! When a QB drops back, usually its only 4 maybe 5 guys trying to tackle him! When a receiver catches the football downfield, usually its only a few defenders making the tackle, not ALL 11! On the other hand, in championship moments, in the playoffs and Super Bowl, the physicality of the running game tends to be more effective in those championship moments. Even the mighty Kansas City Chiefs! Winning Super Bowl 57 was driven by the best player in the world in Patrick Mahomes but it was Isaiah Pacheco and this offensive line that averaged 4.8 yards per rush in the second half on 10 carries, essentially running the Chiefs to another championship. Using the passing prowess of Mahomes to open up leveraged run lanes for the Chiefs. RUNNING BACKS MATTER!